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Spartan Labs Mega Mass - 6 Mass Replacement Strongest Version

Spartan Labs Mega Mass - 6 Mass Replacement Strongest Version
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Spartan Labs Mega Mass - Stronger Replacement to 6 Mass By LG Science

6 Mass By LG Sciences

LG Sciences 6-Mass is quite possibly one of the most substantial breakthroughs in sports supplement research. Competitive athletes and recreational enthusiasts from various sports backgrounds are raving about the positive effects
6-Mass has on their physical progession and training. Choose 6-Mass, and take your natural supplementation to an unnatural level. Join the world's top athletes that use 6-Mass , and become naturally unnatural, today


Sublingual absorption  is 6 times MORE bio-available than capsule based supplements. The liquids hit your body faster than even tablets and there is reason to believe that you actually absorb more with liquids. That reason is because where a tablet is stuck under the tongue the liquid can be swished around the mouth. The mouth is one big absorption tissue and the cheeks absorb as much as under your tongue.

6 Mass Info- PLEASE NOTE

Will Require Post Cycle Therepy either Form X or Liquid Formadrol will suffice or Beast Sports E-Liminate




Will return a positive Drug test under WADA regulations !!!



... 6-Mass is one of the newest legal mass androgens on the market. It’s becoming increasingly popular, being most notable for its similar muscle building properties . Men want to feel younger again and look their best, but exercise and diet just isn’t producing the results they need though. This is most likely due to an imbalance of testosterone to estrogen in the body. This imbalance occurs during aging and is elevated by environmental estrogens from chemicals in our food (preservatives), soap, cosmetics, plastic bottles and other daily sources. Having too much estrogen can lead to medical problems, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. 6-Mass is giving men the edge they need to restore their androgen levels back and give them that physique they’ve always wanted.

6 Mass By LG Science Side-effects
6-Mass side effects are minimal and considerably low compared to other mass builders available. The most positive attribute of this non-methylated product is that it is non-liver toxic. This means you will be able to run slightly longer cycles, at higher doses without worrying about later medical problems. Users report a feeling of better well-being, a sense of “alpha male” mentality. It increases aggression and improves overall focus. This aggression is due to an increase in adrenalin, which is why people are reporting significant gains in strength. 6 Mass promotes mass building, enhanced strength and overall physical performance.

6 Mass Muscle Building Effects
Muscle gains are between 4-7lbs on a 30 day cycle. 6-Mass is much different from harsh 17a methylated hormones that hold intra-cellular water, appearing to be real muscle. Other compounds inhibit 11-hydroxylase which forces water into the cell, although feeling like muscle, it is not. Once the cycle is over and 11-hydroxylase levels return to normal, the water deflates from the muscle and all of the gains are lost. Although with 17a methyl steroids you may gains 18-20 lbs, only 8-10lbs may be real muscle- the short lived muscle size certainly isn’t worth the potential liver damage. With 6-Mass , you keep all of your hard earned gains. Each workout contributes to the health of the muscle creating dense, hard gains.

Anyone looking to bulk up and put on some size, should seriously grab their hands on one of these.

6 Mass By LG Science Results will speak for itself.


6 MASS DIRECTIONS:  Shake the bottle well. Using the supplied applicator, squirt one serving of 3ml under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, swish the contents around the mouth and then swallow. Have no more than two servings per day and wait at least 15 minutes between servings.

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