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ATP Science Alpha Mars + Blackstone Labs Apex Male Stack

ATP Science Alpha Mars + Blackstone Labs Apex Male Stack
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Alpha Mars By ATP Science Test Booster

ATP Science Test booster Alpha Mars for optimum gains and results. Alpha Mars by ATP Science contains Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabium), Tong Kat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) and Nettle root (Urtica dioica) that combine to control the various pathways to get the testosterone levels up quickly and then keep it up until we cycle off.

Alpha Mars By ATP Science Test Booster key points:-

  • Boost testosterone production and release
  • Block conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Block conversion of testosterone to Di hydro testosterone (DHT)
  • Block negative feedback receptors to keep the testosterone pumping out
  • Free up bound testosterone


We've saved the BEST for last....

Shilajit – “the missing link”; “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.”; “rock invincible”;

There is so much to say about Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabium). I will attempt to summarise, but as I love it so much I will continue to write more about it. Shilajit is my all-time favourite herb and by far the most under-appreciated and understood herbal medicine. It is the most powerful ingredient for building and rebuilding, anti-fatigue, anti-aging purposes and improving resilience to anything that life can throw at you.

So what is Shilajit?
Shilajit is a blackish brown exudation found in the serene surroundings of Himalayas. It is also found in most of the sedimentary rocks especially in Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, USSR, Tibet as well in Norway, where they are gathered from steep rock faces at altitudes between 1000 and 5000 m. Suffice to say it is very rare, expensive and hard to source which is probably why you don’t see everyone using it.

Shilajit was variously described as an inorganic mineral, a bitumen, an asphalt, a mineral resin, a plant fossil exposed by elevation of the Himalayas, and so forth. Focused research has now shown that Shilajit is essentially constituted of fresh and modified remnants of humus- the characteristic organic constituent of soils. It is basically a resin secreted from plants that feed on mineral complexes from the core of the earth that are only found near the surface in such extreme geographical locations where tectonic plates have forced these elements close enough to the surface for the plants to absorb and utilize.

What can Shilajit do for you?

  • Boost testosterone by >20%
  • Increase sperm production by >35% and sperm movement by >60%
  • Increase energy production in mitochiondria
  • Increase mitochondrial CoQ10 levels on par with supplementing with 500-750mg CoQ10 itself (CoQ10 catalyzes energy production from oxygen and is usually supplemented at 50-150mg daily)
  • Massive boost in energy, motivation and drive
  • Reverses chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal exhaustion / maladaption syndromes
  • Powerful nootropic; improving mental clarity and focus
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Immune support
  • Adaptogen; helps you normalise physiology while under stress
  • Enhance the effects of other botanicals and nutrients it is combined with


Blackstone Labs Apex Male Test Booster Powder

Blackstone Labs Apex Male

For thousands of years man has stood out amongst the rest of nature. Deep within our genetics we are predisposed with a fight or flight mechanism. It’s believed that men with the will to fight, attack, and be victorious are those with the highest levels of testosterone. Nature chose the strong, but it also chose the weak. This all changes with APEX Male, now we can all be pack leaders; we can all be Alpha Males.

Why Take Apex Male?

By the time we are 30 our testosterone levels start to decline rapidly. We want that vitality and energy back! This is where Apex Male comes in. It is a natural testosterone booster that actually works from the very first day.

  •     Increase Libido
  •     Increase Energy
  •     Increase Vitality
  •     Improve Mood
  •     Experience Better Training Sessions

    Main Ingredients

  •     Tribulus Terrestris - helps optimise natural levels of testosterone / safe for both men and women / can be stacked with almost any supplement
  •     Prolensis - plant extract for test boosters / helps with the increase in muscle ton and muscle & strength / promotes healthy sex drive
  •     D-Aspartic Acid - supports metabolic function / testosterone booster / increases muscle strength
  •     Fenugreek - promotes healthy cholesterol levels / supports male hormone levels / supports glucose levels
  •     MACA - supportd healthy hormone levels / supports sexual health / increases energy and endurance
  •     DIM - support the activity of specific enzymes that support estrogen metabolism / helps with lean body mass, efficient fat burning metabolism and healthy testosterone levels

Who Should Take It?

Anyone can take this testosterone booster. Anyone wanting to feel better, look better and have their physical strength and overall health back...this product can help!

For the Serious Bodybuilders & Athletes

Do you fit into this group? Using pro hormones? Well Apex Male can help bridge cycles and supercharge your natural testosterone back.
Not taking pro hormones? Well taking this product can help give you quicker recovery time, increase your lifts and allow you to put on more muscle mass in the gym.

For Non-Athletes

The best thing about this product is that you don't have to be a serious bodybuilder or athlete.
Maybe you are just getting older and you aren't feeling like you used to. Less confidence? Low libido?
Now it's not going to be Viagra, but you are going to feel better and perform better than you have in a very long time. Who doesn't want that!

Blackstone Labs Apex Male

Blackstone Labs Apex Male is a complete natural testosterone boosting supplement, with an all new reformulated flavour system it tastes absolutely amazing.

This was designed to be the strongest and most complete test booster on the market-and we feel they have achieved this.

No short-cuts were taken with this one.

Using only proven compounds in full researched doses this will maximise your bodies natural test production for big gains in size,strength and recovery. There are many test boosters on the market-but rarely do you see them as complete as this.

Full clinical dosing on ingredients mean you get the maximum effect.

Testosterone is the key when it comes to building muscle mass. It increases strength,recovery and ability to utilise protein.

Recovery between workouts will be faster and you’ll also notice better performance during training.

You will feel stronger in the gym,more aggression when training and an increase in sex drive in the bedroom!

This is a great sign of the powerful effect of this product and you will be training harder and recovering faster.

The only reason we train is to recover. This helps on both sides of that equation. Better works,great strength and faster recovery.

The ‘secret’ to gaining lean muscle mass is small continual progressions this helps you make those progressions faster. Apex Male will create the hormonal environment you need to train harder,get stronger and recover faster between workouts.

For the best natural testosterone booster-look no further.

How do I take it?

Take 1 serve of Apex Male in the evening just before going to bed. For best results we’d recommend using this for 8 weeks before taking a break for 4 weeks.

Should I take anything else with this for best results?

To boost the effectiveness of this stack with Anogenin also from Blackstone Labs.

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