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Rockhard Supplements - 3 Types of bodybuilding supplements for o

Rockhard Supplements - 3 Types of bodybuilding supplements for o

When working hard at the gym, unless you provide your body with the right fuel, it will be difficult to obtain your ideal physique. When going about your day, you need to feed your body the right nutrients and essential elements to improve your bodies ability to recover and strengthen your muscles. 
Before you start to buy bodybuilding supplements to support your muscle developwhen you leave the gym, you should learn how your body and muscles work to better understand how effective supplements can be. 

The human body has two different forms of muscle fibres: type-I fibres and type-II fibres. 
Type-I fibres, also known as slow-twitch, aid the body in performing endurance exercises. Type-II fibres, however, also known as fast-twitch, are the fibres in the muscle that is responsible for improving size and strength when performing weight training. 
In order for muscles to grow and develop, they must be damaged to cause development: when lifting weights, your muscles are put under a lot of tension to recruit satellite cells. These satellite cells are found on the top of the muscles and are crucial to helping them grow, maintain and repair the muscles. 

The cells typically are inactive until they are used and put under strain, such as lifting heavy weights. The heavy lifting causes micro-tears in these fibres, which in turn triggers the satellite cells to multiply and shift towards these damaged areas. These cells use the protein that is found in food to fuel itself and strengthen your muscles. 
Fortunately, with modern advancements in technology and medicine, scientists have developed supplements that help the development of muscles by positively influencing your nutritional systems. 

Hormone supplements:

Hormones are a chemical that is naturally found in the human body and they carry demanding messages in order for your body to take instant action. The two main hormones that can improve your bodybuilding physique are tests. These hormonal supplements increase the levels of these hormones to their highest natural absorptions. 

Tests Boosters:

The tests boosters increase the natural levels that are found in your body and bumps up your muscles mass by improving the muscle-protein synthesis. 
Taking tests boosters won't drastically affect your levels of tests, but rather it will increase them to their highest natural levels. 


Energy Supplements:

Having more energy means that you will be able to train harder, for longer at the gym which in turn, helps your muscles to grow. However, many energy supplements that are made for the gym can leave you jittery. And many of these supplements even cause weight management so it is advised that you choose a supplement that isn't working against your bodybuilding goals. 


Most often used as a pick-me-up in the mornings, caffeine is a chemical that blocks other brain chemicals that are associated with sleep, along with increasing your heart rate, opens airways and increases the flow of blood to muscles.

Research shows that ingesting caffeine before commencing resistance training can improve the number of repetitions that are completed, as well as improving your overall strength, essentially meaning that it gives you the strength to train harder. 


This is the most commonly used energy supplement for bodybuilders and is a combination of three amino acids that are essential for muscle development. When you ingest creatine, it produces a high level of ATP which is a main energy source for the body, but the body only naturally creates a small amount. 

This is why creatine supplements are so important it hydrates the muscles cells, improves recovery time and the ability to build muscle. 

Recovery with Nutritional Supplements:

Supplements are a great way to speed up your recovery process post workout, however, supplements should be treated as such and not as substitutes.


Whey Protein:

When you exercise your muscles break down and then remodel themselves when they repair. It has been found that the remodelling process of muscles can be accelerated by as much as 33% when a whey protein shake is consumed directly after exercise. 

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil supplements contain a unique fatty acid that is rich in omega-3 vitamins and is vital for strengthening cell membranes, can reduce inflammation and increases the blood flow to the brain. This is essential for recovery and will help with repairing the damage that has been caused to your muscles during a workout. The faster that our body can recover, the faster you can hit the gym again the next day, and the harder you can train.