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EHPLabs Lust Protein Bar 60g

EHPLabs Lust Protein Bar 60g
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EHPLabs Lust Protein Bar 60g

EHPLabs has a new protein bar! grab a bite while you are on the go. comes in sinfully good tasty flavours like the Dark Chocolate Honeycomb, Mint Chocolate, 5 Texture Chocolate Cake and the Caramel White Chocolate for you to eat. Available now here at Rock Hard Supplements and add a delicious treat to your daily intake of nutrients with Lust Natural Protein Bars.

EHPLabs Lust Protein Bar is formulated with a quality natural protein that contains the amino acid profile necessary to promote muscle development and recovery, all natural, no added sugar, also low in carbohydrates and fats. It has the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs so you can easily hit your macros. The bars itself has prebiotics, B Vitamins, Collagen and Vitamin D to support the digestive system and gut health and to maintain strong bones, giving the bar a complete protein on the go.

Lust Protein Bar Key Points:

  • Natural Protein
  • 18g Protein | Ultra Low Carbs
  • Prebiotics | B-Vitamins
  • Collagen | Vitamin D3

Lust Protein Bar Nutritional Panel:

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