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Ghost Burn 40 Serves by Ghost Lifestyle

Ghost Burn 40 Serves by Ghost Lifestyle
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Brand: Ghost
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Ghost Burn 40 Serves by Ghost Lifestyle

Ghost Burn is an all-in-one fat loss and focus enhancer. It promotes enhanced fat loss to help you reach your weight management goals. It has an ingredient which includes one of the most common and effective weight management ingredients like the 3g of Carnitine with 1.5g from Carnitine Tartrate and Acetyl-l-Carnitine. The role of the Carnitine is to help move fatty acids into cells, where it is then burned and used as a source of energy. It increases your endurance so that you may do workouts for a long period of time and increase the burning of fats. It also contains 300mg of Caffeine for a solid energy boost, 600mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, 40mg of grains of paradise, 20mg of theobromine and 30mg of Synephrine to help you burn your 'stubborn fat'. This excellent formula also contains 1g of choline bitartrate, 100mg of NeuroFactor and 0.5g of tyrosine for extra focus.

Ghost Burn Key Points:

  • 40 Serve Fat Loss
  • Enhanced fat loss*
  • Boosts energy*
  • Improve Mental Focus & Solid Energy Boost*
  • All-in-One Fat Loss and Focus Enhancer*
  • Scientifically Validated Ingredients

Ghost Burn Directions:

Take one scoop of Ghost Burn into 300ml of water into your RHShaker

Ghost Burn Nutritional Information:

Ghost Burn 40 Serve Nutritional Information

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