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HORLEYS Ripped Black Fat Burner Capsules

HORLEYS Ripped Black Fat Burner Capsules
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HORLEYS Ripped Black Fat Burner Capsules

Ripped Black - All new INSANE Weight Loss formula by HORLEYS - Train Insane or Remain The Same
Horleys Ripped Black is an all new formula that helps promote weight loss, getting shredded, gaining lean muscle mass, increases metabolic rate, enhances mood and focus and much more.
If you're serious about shredding fat, destroying those stubborn fat cells then the all new Potent Thermogenic Ripped Black by Horleys is for you.
Each capsule of Ripped Black contains a very generous dose of ingredients, which when combined help increase your metabolism and shred fat. One of the most popular and extremely effective fat burning ingredients on the market are green tea and green coffee bean. These contain some caffeine, but other sources are also included to ensure you still get that energy hit, specifically Guarana and Yerba mate which also increase your metabolic rate and performance. These ingredients combined give a total caffeine content of 100 mg/capsule. Horleys have also added an awesome combination of supporting ingredients including white willow, Garcinia quaesita, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), capsicum, chromium, and tyrosine, all helping in mood and focus enhancement, blocking conversions of carbs to fat and much more.
Key Ingredients and Points:

  •     Green Coffee Bean - increases mental alertness & athletic performance
  •     Green Tea - increases fat burning, calories burned & acts as an antioxidant
  •     Guarana - increases metabolic rate, mental focus, performance
  •     Citrus Aurantium - increases metabolic rate
  •     White Willow - enhances & extends potency of formulation
  •     Garcinia Quaesita - blocks conversion of carbs to fat
  •     Capsicum - stimulates circulation & digestion, may increase metabolic rate
  •     Yerba Mate - increases metabolic rate
  •     Chromium - aids blood sugar metabolism. Helps control blood sugar spikes
  •     Tyrosine - well being & energy enhancer

From the company who brought you the all so famous “Ice Whey” – probably one of the cleanest and lowest carbohydrate Protein Isolates on the market,  Horleys have produced Ripped Black - a combination of powerful natural ingredients to boost your workout intensity and support your metabolism, mood and focus. Horleys Ripped Black can help promote fat oxidation, increase metabolic rate and enhance mental focus.

Take One - Two tablets with a large glass of water 30 minutes prior to breakfast and/or 30 minutes before your workout as a ‘pre-workout’ energy hit, in conjunction with a sensible diet and training program.
Do NOT exceed 3 capsules in one day.

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