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Jack3d Advanced Formula by USPLabs

Jack3d Advanced Formula by USPLabs
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Jack3d Advanced Formula by USPLabs Pre-Workout

USPLabs became an absolute powerhouse supplement company not to be messed with early on with the release of their revolutionary pre-workout Jack3d (the original banger). Said to be the first company to introduce concentrated pre-workouts, USPLabs have gone from strength to strength with products such as Yok3d and Oxy Elite. With the scrutiny over DMAA becoming more prominent, USPLabs have been hard at work with ingredients and research and decided to phase out the use of DMAA in its signature product with the arrival of the new Jack3d Advanced Formula. Let’s take a look at how it compares to the original Jack3d and also to their other pre-workout Jack3d Micro.

USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Formula Highlights
•    No DMAA
•    Stronger Formula than Jack3d Micro
•    Competitive Pricing
USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Formula Ingredients & Dosage
USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Formula contains 9 active ingredients, however this is only the case for the American version which contains Yohimbe as one of the active ingredients. Although it is a popular and effective ingredient, unfortunately it won’t be included in the Australia version of Jack3d Advanced due to the ingredient being banned here in Australia. Each 5g serving of Jack3d Advanced Formula contains:
•    Proprietary Blend (3580mg) – This proprietary blend consists of creatine (as creatine monohydrate anhydrous), Arginine Nitrate, Pinus Pinaster (Bark), Beta Alanine (Carnosyn™), Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe), Norcoclaurine HCl and Swertia Chirayita (Whole Plant) Extract.
•    Caffeine (100mg) – A common stimulant used in pre-workouts. The amount used is equivalent to a cup of coffee.
•    Vitamin C (50mg) – An essential vitamin that is often used to assist with immune function.
Each 5g dose of USPLabs Jack3d Advanced contains 3730mg (74.6%) of active ingredients with the rest being flavours, colours and ingredients to assist with mixability and shelf life.
Advanced Creatine Ratio: Monohydrate and Anhydrous
Everyone knows that creatine is able to improve body composition and strength. It’s easily one of the most validated supplements around. It works and has always worked. Yet, many companies want to sell you a creatine complex, a supposedly superior salt, a new ester, you name it, claiming it will provide superior results over tried and true creatine…
They make such claims with no scientific evidence (even though they will pretend it exists)…
They claim that bioavailability is a problem with creatine monohydrate due to lack of dissolution in the GI tract. Yet, scientific studies show otherwise…
In fact, despite what bro science says, the absorption of the creatine monohydrate salt is nearly 100% (28-30).
Beta-alanine serves as the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine and as such, it has been shown that by supplementing with beta-alanine, you can greatly increase carnosine levels in skeletal muscle tissue.
It’s so important because it acts as a buffer of sorts, preventing the increase of acidity or Hydrogen ion accumulation in skeletal muscle; something which is thought to contribute to the fatiguing of muscles.
Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract
This extract may further increase the conversion of nitrite to NO, while also increasing eNOS expression and NO formation, thus helping both NO generating pathways.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C is known to play a role in maintaining NO bioactivity/bioavailability and is the reason why it is known to improve the effects of NO, whether the NO is derived from arginine or the reduction of nitrite.

USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Formula Pros & Effectiveness
Jack3d Advanced Formula is a throwback to the original Jack3d formula, often considered as one of the most popular and most effective pre-workouts. With a similar serving size to that of the original Jack3d, most people would be taking anywhere between 1-3 serves prior to a workout. There’s nothing wrong with the ingredients in Jack3d Advanced. Creatine is well researched to support strength, energy and exercise performance. Arginine, Pinus Pinaster or Maritime Bark and Norcoclaurine all help to support both nitric oxide synthesis and increased blood flow – which is important to fuel the ‘pump’ and to increase the rate at which your muscles obtain nutrition and oxygen and removes metabolites build up during workouts. Beta Alanine is another well researched ingredient to delay and inhibit fatigue and support endurance and overall exercise performance. And finally both Yohimbine and caffeine have stimulatory properties and both have been researched to assist with improving exercise performance.
USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Formula Cons

The only real negative regarding USPLabs Jack3d Advanced is ingredients dosing and the use of the ingredient Swertia Chirayita. At 3.7g of active ingredients per serve, there just isn’t enough creatine, arginine or beta-alanine to make any real difference. Which means you would need anywhere between 2-3 scoops, especially for those who are used to pre-workouts. This dosing protocol can markedly increase the price per serve of the product. Luckily Jack3d Advanced is fairly competitively priced. Swertia Chirayita is an interesting ingredient to include as it is lacking in studies. It may assist with glucose metabolism and act as an anti-inflammatory.
Who Should Use It?
• Anyone looking to build muscle while burning fat.
• Anyone wanting to increase energy, focus and boost mood.
• Anyone wanting to enhance cognitive function and learning ability.
• Anyone looking to boost performance in and out of the gym.
Who Shouldn’t Use It?
• Anyone sensitive to Caffeine or other stimulants.
• Anyone on Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), serotonin-specific reputake inhibitor (SSRIs) or other anti-depressant medication.
• Anyone with high blood pressure or any other heart related health problems.
• Anyone breast feeding or pregnant.
• Anyone under the age of 16 years old.
Key Benefits:
• Increase Energy
• Increase Focus and Alertness
• Increased Vasodilation (Pump)
• Reduce Lactic Acid
• Boost Metabolism
• Enhanced Fat burning
• Control Blood Sugar
• Increase Thermogenesis
• Elevate Mood, Memory and Cognitive Function
• Increase protein synthesis and assist in muscle growth and recovery
Directions to use Jack3d Advanced
Simply mix 1 scoop to assess tolerance (use 2 scoops if you are used to stimulant based pre-workouts once tolerance is assessed) in your Rock Hard Supplements Shaker Bottle at least 1 hour prior to training on a half-empty stomach and enjoy them gainz…


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