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Max's Supershred High Protein Low Carb Bar | Maxs Super Shred

Max's Supershred High Protein Low Carb Bar | Maxs Super Shred
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Brand: Max's Supplements
Product Code: Max's Supershred Protein Bar
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Max's Supershred High Protein Low Carb Bar | Maxs Super Shred protein bars. MAX'S Super Shred Protein Bar Burn fat | Block Carbs | Strip & Build lean Muscle.

Just landed at Rock Hard Supplements new Super Shred Protein bars Yum!! Max's Lean Super Shred bars come in 4 flavours 60g net each bar and 12 per box.

Max's SuperShred high protein bar is the ideal low carb/high protein snack or meal replacer. Maxs's Super Shred High Protein bar contains a unique formulation that blocks carb digestion, inhibits conversion of carbs to fat and uses powerful fat burners to really fire up your metablism! MAX'S SuperShred High Protein bars are great to eat as part of a low car diet or cutting up program to help you strip body fat and build lean muscle.


Max's SuperShred high bar Nutritional panel            

Serving size: 60g                                               Per serve                             Per 100g


Energy                                                               770kJ                                     1290kJ

Protein                                                                 22.1g                                     36.8g

Fat – total                                                            5.2g                                        8.7g

                - saturated                                          3.2g                                        5.4g

Carbohydrates                                                  5.3g                                        8.9g

Sugars                                                               2.3g                                        3.9g

Dietary fibre                                                         1.7g                                        2.8g

Glycerine                                                             5.1g                                        8.5g

Polydextrose                                                     5.3g                                        8.9g

Sodium                                                             130mg                                   220mg

Phaseolamin                                                      70mg                                     125mg

 Green Coffee Extract                                            70mg                                     125mg

L-Carnitine                                                            40mg                                     75mg


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