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Maxine's Protein Bar | 12 Burn Variety Bars | Rock Hard Supplements

Maxine's Protein Bar | 12 Burn Variety Bars | Rock Hard Supplements
Price: $34.90
Brand: Maxine's
Product Code: Burn Protein Bar Variety
Availability: Out Of Stock

Maxine’s Burn Protein Variety Bars 12x40g Bar – 12x Mixed Flavours!

Maxine’s releases a new ideally pre-workout product called BURN Protein Bar. These bars are highly in quality protein and contain nutrients to boost your metabolism. This is a great product to help you tone your body and boost your energy! There are 12x Mixed Flavours in one box! Available now! here at Rockhard Supplements.
Combining protein recovery and toning, Maxine’s Protein Bun Bar features a powerful carb blocker, and provide slow absorbing protein to keep you satisfied for longer. It has high protein to reignite your metabolism. These is a great snack for you without eating simple sugars and fats! 
Burn Protein Bars Key points:
  • 12 mixed Flavours
  • High in Thermogenic protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carbohydrates
  • Provides Slow absorbing protein
  • Added metabolism boosters

Burn Protein Bars Nutritional Panel:

Maxine's Burn Bar Variety

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