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No Bull XMY Pre workout By Musclemeds

No Bull XMY Pre workout By Musclemeds
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No Bull XMY Pre workout BY Musclemeds

MuscleMeds No Bull Description
•    Performance Technologies
•    Clinically Peak ATP Tested
•    Gain Up to 8.8 lbs Muscle and 147% More Strength+
•    Lift More Weight for More Reps
•    Increases Muscle Force, Velocity & Endurance
•    Increases Blood Flow & Muscle Pumps
•    Increases Anabolic Signaling to Activate Muscle Growth
•    Dietary Supplement
•    Naturally Flavored

No Bull XMT enhances muscle force, velocity and endurance, helping you to lift heavier weights for more reps. The end result is bigger, stronger muscles and better workouts!

No Bull XMT (Xtreme Muscle Tension) has been formulated with clinically researched ingredients to enhance workout performance and muscle growth through a proven training concept called "Time Under Tension". During a resistance training workout, the amount of time your muscles work is measured in repetitions and the amount of tension is measured in weight. increasing the number of reps (time) and the amount of weight on the bar (tension) during a set increases the workload placed on your muscles and stimulates greater muscle growth. No Bull XMT is formulated to do just that. More Reps + More Weight = More Muscle Growth.

In the development of No Bull XMT, MuscleMeds researchers focused on a key mechanism i muscle called "Excitation-Contraction". Enhancing this mechanism of action in muscle tissue helps increase muscle force, velocity and endurance, thereby increasing time under tension and total workout performance. In addition to enhancing muscle excitation-contraction, No Bull XMTs advanced synergistic design also increases energy, muscle pumps and anabolic signaling, making it the ultimate performance enhancing pre-workout formula. No Bull XMT is the pre-workout formula for those who want more... More weight for more reps equals more muscle growth!

+Claims based on a clinical dose taken before training, based on double-blind placebo controlled study using 400 mg of PEAK ATP, following a specific diet and exercise program. Your results may not be typical.

MuscleMeds No Bull Suggested Use

MuscleMeds No Bull Directions: For the full clinical dose+, take 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water 30 minutes before training.

MuscleMeds No Bull Other Ingredients

Citric acid, natural flavors, silica, acesulfame potassium and sucralose.


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