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OCD Nutrition OCD V2 Extreme Pre Workout.

OCD Nutrition OCD V2 Extreme Pre Workout.
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OCD Nutrition OCD V2 Extreme Pre Workout

OCDv2 is the real deal. This product is designed to get you pumped and ready to do some serious damage. With the added 150mg DHMA to every serve there is a good reason why they call this Version 2. With increased strength, focus, pump, energy and the ability to keep on going OCDv2 is the perfect product to add into your supplement stack. OCDv2 contains a massive hit of 3.2g of beta alanine which is designed to stop you from fatiguing and getting out as many reps, sets out as you can. The label says it all, it doesn’t hide behind propriety blends or under dosed formulas, because we want you to see exactly gram for gram the ingredients that you’re getting to power you through your workouts. with every ingredient clinically labelled, you can see that OCDv2 is a product designed to get results and accelerate gains and performance. Suitable for both male and females this makes is an easy add on to your training as one of the most versatile pre workouts on the market. You’re not paying for brand names here, you’re paying for ingredients that work and proven to get you the results you are after.

OCD Nutrition OCD V2 Extreme Pre Workout 30 Serves now Even Stronger V2.

Exceed your training expectations, break through plateaus and obliterate personal bests the EXTREME way!

If you liked OCD, then you will LOVE OCD EXTREME!

Using cutting edge ingredients with the same nutrition panel everyone has come to love, OCD Extreme takes pre-workout nutrition to the next level with this product.

    Extreme Performance
    Extreme Focus
    Extreme Energy

With no proprietary blend, OCD Extreme is the real deal of pre-workouts with no fluff, no secrets and no cheap ingredients!

Take your training up a level and go EXTREME!
Core Ingredients

Beta Alanine

Beta-Alanine is a clinically researched and proven rate limiting amino acid responsible for the increase in lactic acid accumulation removal, resulting in an increase in endurance capacity and improved performance. OCD utilises a monstrous 3.2g per scoop, which is the scientifically proven amount for maximum benefits.

Agmatine/Arginine/Citrulline Malate

All 3 of these ingredients act as precursors to nitric oxide release and will have you experiencing skin-tearing pumps, enhanced nutrient delivery and improved toxic waste removal.

Rock Hard Supplements Final Thoughts OCD V2 Extreme Pre Workout

OCD Extreme is a high stimulant based nutrient dense pre-workout for athletes looking to elevate mood, enhance energy and increase performance.

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