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Triple Pack Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Tea Series

Triple Pack Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Tea Series
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Brand: Optimum Nutrition
Product Code: 3x Tea Series
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3x Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Tea Series

Refresh with your fave tea!

Optimum Nutrition, the most prominent brand in the supplement market, has just taken their Amino Energy to a new level AGAIN! Now, they have made your favourite iced tea drink a caffeinated one and a tea packed with the ever essential amino acids! Available in Sweet Mint Tea, Peach White Tea, and Raspberry Tea - available online at Rock Hard Supplements or pop in store today!

No matter what the season is, tea can be a tasty and a healthy beverage. It’s good for refreshment and also includes a wide range of benefits.

The Tea Series of Amino Energy is made from real tea and it contains a 100mg of caffeine from natural sources and a 5g of free-form amino acids for faster absorption per serving. Amino Energy Tea Series will absolutely give you a refreshing iced tea taste without sacrificing your macros because it just contains 10 Calories and ZERO SUGAR. From these blends, Amino Energy Tea series will take charge in fueling you with a tremendous amount of energy and focus, and allow you to have a faster recovery from your workouts.

Unlike any other iced tea powder, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Tea Series mixes easily well in water. It’s a perfect drink for a tea devotee, an athlete, a bodybuilder, a player, or anyone who would want to have a refreshing and delicious taste while having more energy. Grab yours now!


Amino Energy Tea Series Key Points:

  • Made from Real TEA!
  • 100mg of Caffeine
  • 5g of Free-form Amino Acids
  • 10 Calories and ZERO SUGAR
  • Improves Energy and Focus
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Available in 3 Refreshing Flavours: Sweet Mint Tea, Peach White Tea, and Raspberry Tea

Amino Energy Tea Series Key Ingredients:


Amino Energy Tea Series contains a 5g of all the essential Amino Acid in free-form for faster absorption. The amino blend contains micronised Taurine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginie, L-Leucine, Citrulline, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Tyrosine, L-Histidine, L-Lysine HCI, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, and Beta-Alanine. Amino Acids are essential since they are the basic building blocks of the body. These are essential for muscles specifically for development, recovery, and maintenance of all muscle tissue.


The Amino Energy Tea Series contains a total of 160mg of Energy Blend Ingredients composing of Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and green Coffee Bean Extract. The Energy Blend of the Tea Series came from natural sources. From these ingredients, energy will be boosted, antioxidants will be provided, and metabolic performance will be supported.

Amino Energy Tea Series Directions: 

Mix two scoops of essential Amino Energy Tea Series in 10-12 fl oz of cold water. For Pre-Workout Energy Support take 2-6 scoops 20-30 minutes before training. For Post-Workout Amino Support take 2-4 scoops after training.

Amino Energy Tea Series Nutritional Information:

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