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Vexxum by Pro Supps

Vexxum by Pro Supps
Vexxum by Pro Supps Vexxum by Pro Supps
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Vexxum by Pro Supps

A Fat Burning Powerhouse

EXP DATE 02/2018 Good for 6month after date.

Vexxum by Pro Supps is an absolute powerhouse of stimulants, nootropics and fat fighting ingredients, all packed into a 2 serving capsule for easy to use daily routine. Pro Supps' Vexxum is designed to support weight loss and help increase energy and mental focus.

Pro Supps Vexxum Ingredients & Dosage:

The extended release triple caffeine hit – Caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, and Infinergy dicaffeine malate – has become a Pro Supps signature. Aside from this, most of the ingredients are unique, distinguishing Vexxum from DNPX, the thermogenic fat burner Pro Supps launched only months prior.

Veexum's formula contains a number of botanical extracts, including thermogenic stimulants Cocoabuterol from cocoa seed, and theacrine, a caffeine-like alkaloid from tea. These ingredients are joined by fat burning Lotus seed extract, another ingredient people are starting to take notice of in the supplement industry.

Vexxum is quite stimulant heavy, Hordenine HCl and Octopamine HCl promise boundless energy and appetite suppression. Citicoline and sulbutiamine have nootropic activity, helping to maintain mental acuity and push through the brain fog that can descend during a cut while low on calories.

Pro Supps Vexxum Positives & Effectiveness

One of the most impressive things about Vexxum is the fact that Pro Supps has really stayed ahead of the curve and given themselves an advantage by selecting ingredients with a ton of potential. Infinergy slow release caffeine is very underrated, and has the potential to deliver clean energy for hours, without the peak and crash that a lot of stimulants deliver. Theacrine has been described as a gentle, feel good energy booster and has a lot of buzz around it, as does fat burning Lotus Seed extract, which also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Pro Supps is a brand that was started by a professional bodybuilder, IFBB champion Art Atwood, and is now helmed by TJ Humphreys, who is also a bodybuilder and fitness model. These two professionals have years of experience and know exactly the type of supplement a bodybuilder wants, which has been proven by the success of the range. Vexxum doesn't mess around – this is a serious, professional strength product that you can feel working, and one which does the job.

It's no secret that some of the stronger fat burners taste horrible. It's very difficult to mask potent ingredients, and a lot of people are turned off by the taste of the drink. On top of this, mixing up messy doses multiple times a day, is a pain, enough to turn a lot of people off. Vexxum's two pill a day dosage is about as convenient as you can get, and with all the ingredients packed inside a capsule, you don't have to taste them.

Pro Supps Vexxum Cons:

There's honestly nothing to pick on, to be completely honest. Pro Supps Vexxum pretty much ticks every single box - strong ingredients at highly effective doses, no proprietary blend, smart labeling and with easy to take 2 capsules a day.

Pro Supps Vexxum Overview:

With innovative ingredients, a massive kick, and a simple, once a day formula, Vexxum is perfect for people who want something strong and convenient.

Pro Supps is a brand that has made a big impact in the relatively short time they have been around, finding a lot of success with their pair of supercharged pre-workouts, Jekyll and Hyde. This product is sure to strip that unwanted fat, give you long lasting clean energy and make you feel and look amazing.

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