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Rule 1 Proteins R1 Train BCAAs

Rule 1 Proteins R1 Train BCAAs
Rule 1 Proteins R1 Train BCAAs Rule 1 Proteins R1 Train BCAAs
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Rule One Proteins R1 Train - Ultra Pure Branch Chain Amino Acids

Your muscles don't get a break while lifting. Why should your supplements? Rule One Proteins R1 Train is a powerful amino blend that is formulated to get into the bloodstream ASAP to replenish muscle during your workout, and avoid losing hard-fought gains.

BCAAs serve very important purposes in the body.

First, high levels of BCAA's in blood help conserve stores of glutamine, a nonessential but major amino acid with regard to muscle-building. Second, BCAAs serve as a significant fuel source for skeletal muscle during periods of metabolic stress. If you are exercising intensely, you are experiencing metabolic stress. When the body is under stress, BCAAs act directly on muscle cells and promote protein synthesis –the goal of all bodybuilders. Third, BCAAs help prevent protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) by acting as a readily available fuel source for hard-working muscles during intense exercise.

• Potent Intra-Workout Formula
• 5 Grams Micronized BCAAs in a 2:1:1 Ratio
• L-Gluta, L-Alanine and Taurine to Promote Strength and Recovery
• L-Arginine and AAKG to Promote a Massive Pump and Speed Nutrient Delivery

Rule 1 Proteins believe the number one rule in bodybuilding is Input = Output - what you put into it is what you will get out of it and that couldn’t be true when it comes to your workout supplementation. Don’t skip over an intra-workout drink – prevent catabolism before it starts by staying a-bolic while you train! R1 Train is a superior intra-workout that will help keep you in an a-bolic environment during your workout!

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