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Scitec Nutrition 100% Plant Protein 900g 30 Serves

Scitec Nutrition 100% Plant Protein 900g 30 Serves
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Brand: Scitec Nutrition
Product Code: 100% Plant Protein 30 Serves
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Scitec Nutrition 100% Plant Protein 900g 30 Serves

Get LEAN with the PUREST PEA!

We need protein. Without it, we won't be able to build lean muscle mass. We get protein from fishes and meats, eggs, oats, milk, and more but getting adequate protein from these sources would be hard because of the busy reality.
We've got a solution for you! Introducing the all-new 100% Plant Protein from Scitec Nutrition. It's the perfect alternative for you to give your body the right and adequate amount of protein. This formula is made from highly pure Pisane Protein Isolate. It is a Belgian pea protein that is considered to be the BEST PLANT-BASED PROTEINS. 100% Plant Protein contains the essential Glutamine, Lysine, and Branched-chained amino acids. It is easy to digest having 98% digestibility rate. In addition with that, the amount of protein found in this formula can also suppress your appetite through slow digestion. Each serving of 100% Plant Protein contains 21g of the purest plant-based protein.
If you want to provide yourself with an incredible amount of protein then 100% Plant Protein is a must-have supplement to be added to your stack! Hurry and buy it now. Available online at Rock Hard Supplements for only 59.95.

100% Plant Protein Key Points:

  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Free from Dairy and Lactose
  • Gluten/GMO-Free
  • 21g protein per serve
  • Contains high level of essential amino acids
  • 98% Digestibility rate
  • Delicious and creamy taste

100% Plant Protein Directions:
Mix 1 serving (30 g) of 100% Plant Protein in 300 ml water. Rock Hard Supplement recommends taking it after your workout.

100% Plant Protein Nutritional Information:


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