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Synthapro by XCD Nutrition

Synthapro by XCD Nutrition
Synthapro by XCD Nutrition Synthapro by XCD Nutrition Synthapro by XCD Nutrition
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Synthapro by XCD Nutrition

Synthapro by XCD Nutrition has arrived at the number 1 place to buy your supplement needs Rock Hard Supplements. Synthapro is a highly anabolic engineered protein with zero carb, zero fat lactose free which is great for people that can not have dairy in there diet or are Vegan also.Synthapro is a full spectrum protein containing all of the essential aminio acids. Synthapro has been designed using research from sports and medical fields to maximize anabolism ,muscle preservation,protein synthesis,bioavailability and instestinal absorption.Synthapro is leaner that any whole source of protein and contains less impurities. XCD Synthapro is ideal for pre & post workout and is the perfect alternative protein supplement for people with sensitive stomachs, lactose intolerant, senitive to dairy or who dont't like the taste of milky protein.

XCD Nutrition Synthapro Key Points :-

Dairy & Lactose Free
Zero Carb Zero Fat
Promote Lean Muscle Growth
Enhance Recovery
Alternative To Whey Protein
25g Protein Per Scoop
60 Mouth Watering Serves

An active lifestyle requires a high protein diet. Achieving the amount necessary to fuel muscle gain & maintain health often requires supplementation. But not everyone can have dairy or even enjoys drinking milkshake style protein drinks every day.

That's why we developed Synthapro. Synthapro is a complete protein derived from plant based free form amino acids. Levels of each amino acid have been adjusted to target cellular & metabolic functions to maximize muscle growth & buffer muscle breakdown.

Instantized free form Amino Acids coupled with a ionic amino co-transport matrix in the form of coconut water electrolytes makes synthapro ultra fast absorbing & ideal for post workout nutrition especially for low carb dieters.

XCD Nutrition Synthapro Directions :- Mix 1 Scoop 25g Protein into 200-300ml of water with a Rock Hard Shaker can be taken pre intra and post workout for best results.



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