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Acetyl Lcarnitine Rock Hard Weight loss

Acetyl Lcarnitine Rock Hard Weight loss
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Acetyl Lcarnitine Rock Hard Weight loss

Acetyl  Carnitine


Lose weight Not muscle! That’s the battle cry of Acetyl  Carnitine (otherwise known as Alcar or Acetylcarnitine). Bodybuilders don’t just like Acetyl Carnitine they absolutely depend on it! And Rock Hard Supplements carries the best, most effective Acetyl Carnitine bodybuilding supplements.


Acetyl  Carnitine is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine. This translates into Carnitine almost doubling its fat-burning abilities as the acetylated form breaks down even more carbohydrates to use as energy during strenuous workouts than just Carnitine alone.


Acetyl Carnitine has another advantage and that is its ability to break through the blood barrier to the brain where it then behaves as an incredibly powerful antioxidant, lowering stress levels, slowing the effects of aging and producing massive positive effects on brain functionality.


Acetyl Lcarnitine Rock Hard Weight loss key points:-

When you rely on Acetyl Carnitine to burn fat and create energy you lessen muscle breakdown. So at the end of the day you feel better, burn more fat and less muscle, create more energy, exercise longer and harder and all with the help of Acetyl Carnitine bodybuilding supplements from Rock Hard.

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