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HumaPro ALR Industries 90 Serves

HumaPro ALR Industries 90 Serves
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HumaPro ALR Industries 90 Serves

Lets start from the source: Human milk whey protein is dominant in alpha-lactalbumin and cow milk whey protein is dominant in beta-lactoglobulin. Whereas alpha-lactalbumin has been studied well for validation associated with increased immune factors to disease, allergies, increased mineral absorption factors specific to humans, beta-lactoglobulin has been associated with the exact opposite. It's for cows, what were you expecting?

So what's The Big Deal About HumaPro Protein?

In short that gut bloat is not just extra calories any more than the excess gas you assumedly avoid sharing with friends and training partners is supposed side effect of an a-bolic environment. Gastronomical distress is not new to cow protein utilization by humans. As I said, you are a human so there should be a little shock here. Immune issues will slow or stop building and recovery while increasing cortisol production. Sometimes decrease in immune function can even lead to Immuno toxicity, but certainly rare in regard to proteins sources.


Protein Efficiency Ratio - But Whey Has a PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) of 104, right?

Since you cannot exceed 100% this is already a little silly. PER is a false method for evaluation of a proteins actual utilization in building new muscle tissue. What is the definition of PER? A biological assayof the quality of a particular protein, measured as the gain inweight of an animal per gram of the protein eaten. The PER ratio is not used so much now, but until 1991 the PER was the legally required way of expressing protein quality for nutrition labeling in the USA.Many still use it today. Bottom line is that no matter what you addto or fraction in whey protein from cows, it’s still from cows and not designed for humans.

Protein (such as cow whey) with the incorrect ration of amino acids specific to human physiology utilization results in stores of fat as well, so basing a protein’s efficiency ratio on weight gain is obviously idiocy. A far superior method of assaying a proteins a-bolic (muscle building) value and actual utilization in lean mass is Net Nitrogen Utilization or NNU. The very highest quality whey protein has a NNUof 16-17%. So this means the other 83-84% can be stored as fat, burned as calories, or hit the toilet. 83-84% catabolites is not a healthy or lean mass promoting percentage. The lions share goes by way of the latter BTW. So when you pay $20 USD for a pound (454grams) of high quality whey protein powder you actually get about 77grams of protein with an NNU near 100%. The rest hits the toilet forthe most part.


Want to add insult to injury?

As we continue to ingest high levels of protein the amount utilized lessens over time. So whereas you were once utilizing 17% of that 100-200 grams of whey ingested daily it can drop to as low as half that over a prolonged period of high protein intake. What happens then? Even more body fat and toilet trash.


How does HumaPro® work?

HumaPro is a patent pending one of a kind protein matrix that we started working on in 1998. HumaPro starts with a specific vegetable origin8 essential amino acid (EAAs) formulation that takes into account the exact HUMAN enzymic conversion of, and utilization rates for, all amino acids the body needs for optimal health. Did you know that if removed even one of the EAAs for even one day from your diet for the day your body would utilize none of the protein you take in? Okay, for lean muscle that is.. The human body will use the insufficient protein to make glucose, if needed, certainly store some as fat and give you plenty of me time in the bathroom to deposit the lions share. So an exact EAAs ratio is paramount. Why? The human bodymakes literally thousands of amino acids from the 8 EAAs so they must be in the right ratios for the right conversion rates.

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