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Buy Alpha Prime By ATP Science Discounted Online

Buy Alpha Prime By ATP Science Discounted Online

Buy Alpha Prime By ATP Science Discounted Online

Let’s talk the good, the bad and the ugly, and why Alpha Prime can keep you in your prime and lookin fine…for both the men and the ladies!



·         Tests levels reach their peak in both men and women at around ages 25-30 years of age, from there it’s a steady decline at approximately 1-2% annually

·         Tests levels can be heavily affected and lowered by stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and lack of sleep

·         Increases muscle and protein synthesis

·         Enhances glucose absorption

·         Reduced body fat

·         Enhanced libido and sexual performance

·         Increased fertility

·         Healing, regeneration and repair

·         Improves bone density

·         Regulates hormonal systems


Alpha Prime benefits of Estrogen:

·         Maintain bone health

·         Maintain healthy heart, circulation and blood

·         Maintain healthy brain, moods and emotions

·         Healthy skin and nails


Prime seeks and destroys toxic excess Estrogen in both males and females!...

wait I thought it was Alpha Venus which did that for the ladies? Well you’re right but prime can be used by women too!


Tong Kat Ali VS Vitex in relation to PCOS…

Understanding PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome)

PCOS is an imbalance in the female Androgen and Estrogen ratio in women of all ages. Higher levels of androgens in women can prevent the egg from releasing during the menstrual cycle and this can further cause many more hormonal issues.


What are some large contributing factors to PCOS?

·         Ins-lin resistance

·         Low grade inflammation in the body

·         Hereditarily gained

·         Iodine deficiency

·         Cortisol levels too high


Symptoms to look for in women affected by PCOS

·         Darkening of the skin underneath breasts and neck creases

·         Thinning of hair

·         Irregular menstrual cycles (may completely miss cycles or have fewer than 6-8 per year)

·         Weight gain particularly around middle abdomen

·         Skin tags

·         Hair appearing more on face, chest and back where males tend to grow hair

·         Cystic acne on chest, face and back


Why tell you this?

Because Tong Kat Ali is associated with its ability to increase Androgen activity in males and females, which may reverse any of its amazing benefits in women that are currently affected by PCOS; this is where the Venus is perfect for those of us females dealing with PCOS due to the Venus containing Vitex as a replacement of Tong Kat Ali, helping to balance Estrogen ratios! Yay!


ATP Alpha Benefits of prime in both males and females!


·         Aid in the detoxification of excess estrogen

·         Help increase lean muscle

·         Enhance bodies abilities of glucose absorption (great a-bolic tool)

·         Aid in increasing libido

·         Enhance liver detoxification capabilities

·         NRF2 gene activation  (capable of producing thousands of antioxidant molecules providing protection against free radicals)

·         Great source of naturally made DIM, an aid in estrogen detoxification

·         Excellent support for sympathetic nervous system and cortisol balance

·         May reduce estrogen activity

·         Reduce catabolic short term survival pathways

·         May boost efficiency of the parasympathetic nervous system

·         Assist in the inhibition of Aromatase activity (conversion of tests to estrogen)

·         Aid in the correction of iodine deficiency

·         Reduction of fat mass


Listen to the boys talk science in a crass and education sort of way!

Headphones on? Click here for podcast



‘The first thing I noticed that changed was my strength at the gym (within 7 days) and then after my first bottle I started to notice my fluid decrease and I felt leaner, I had more energy and it really felt for the first time that my weight training was paying off, I highly recommend this product!!’

Laura H.

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