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JYM Shred 240 Vegetarian Capsules
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BSC Triandrobol Test + Hydroxy Burn Clinical 60 Tablets
BSC Triandrobol Test + Hydroxy Burn Clinical 60 Tablets BSC Triandrobol Test BSc BodyScience T..
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1UP Nutrition L-Carnitine 3000
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1UP BCAA Glutamine & L-Carnitine + Hydration Complex
1Up BCAA Glutamine & L-Carnitine + Hydration Complex Make your body ROCK HARD with Amino Acid..
Max's Shred System 2.2lb 1kg
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Ripped Freak Fat Burner
Ripped Freak 60 Caps Hybrid Fat Burner Powerful All-In-One Hybrid Formula Ripped Freak Fat Bur..
Evlution BCAA LEAN ENERGY 30 Servings
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Finaflex PX Pro Xanthine 500 Weight Management
Finaflex PX Pro Xanthine 500 Weight Management Finaflex PX (Pro Xanthine) is a weight management ..
Switch Nutrition Keto Switch 40 Serves
Switch Nutrition Keto Switch 40 Serves Keto Switch | Rockhard Supplements KETO SWITCH™ is..
Max's Shred System - Fat Stripping
Shred System Protein by MAX'S Please Note: If shaker is sold out at time of purchase, you will b..
EHP Labs Oxyshred | Oxysleep | Oxywhey Stack
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Thermogenics/Fat Burners

About Thermogenics (Fat Burners)

If you've ever made a compost pile out of old food scraps you'll know that the heap literally heats up. It actually becomes warm to the touch. That's the microorganisms at work breaking down the composition of the debris. This process is called Thermogenics. Drugs that rely on thermogenics produce heat in the body through metabolic stimulation, actually raising the body temperature to assist in the burning off of fat cells.

Fat burning supplements, then, are those which invoke thermogenics. Increasing the body's temperature in turn stimulates the metabolism to work off calories as heat and break down stored fat cells. Thermogenic supplements usually contain ingredients that create a synergistic environment where fat burning is addressed on multiple levels;. That is to say that is, some of the additional ingredients also assist in reducing appetite and increasing the body's ability to sustain longer workouts.
Look for any of these Thermogenic supplemental ingredients:

Garcinia Cambogia: Promotes weight loss and suppresses appetite, increases energy levels, fat oxidation and mobilization and promotes glycogen synthesis.

Citrus Aurantium: A highly effective calorie and fat burner it increases energy levels, helps to burn fat and does not affect the central nervous system.

Coleus Forskohlii: Promotes healthy cardiovascular function, lowers elevated blood pressure and increases levels of the cellular messenger cyclic adenosine monophosphatpe (cAMP) that in turn accelerates the breakdown of existing fat stores.

Guarana Extract: In a group Guarana Extract helps boost the effects of the other ingredients and has, on its own, been used for centuries to reduce fatigue and to increase energy levels.

Green Tea Extract: When combined with the other ingredients it boosts the overall fat burning effect. Green Tea Extract helps to reduce fatigue and increase energy levels while at the same time lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Mucuna Pruriens: Improves cognitive function. It is an anti-depressant that helps to improve a sense of well being. It assists in helping to naturally boost healthy amounts of growth hormone which promotes lean muscle growth and a faster metabolism.

Banaba Leaf Extract: Balances blood sugar levels by transporting blood sugar into the cells and also aids in controlling carbohydrate cravings.

White Willow Bark: The bark of the white willow tree is a source of salicin and other salicylates. These are compounds that - when combined with other ingredients - helps to boost their fat burning effects.

Potassium Pyruvate: Increases resting metabolic rate and facilitates the transport of blood sugar into muscle tissue to increase available energy.

Spirulina: Improves weight loss, lowers cholesterol, increases energy and boosts mood.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Prevents cellular damage (from free radicals), reduces oxidative stress, lowers blood sugar, increases energy levels and is a powerful insulin potentiator.

Guggul Extract: Improves thyroid function and increases fat metabolism.

Cayenne: Raises the body's metabolic rate.

More About Thermogenic Supplements

Thermogenic Supplements are all about burning off the excess calories bodybuilders and athletes take on when bulking up for extreme workouts and breaking down the stored fat cells already in the body to use as energy. It should be noted that anyone with a heart condition, high blood pressure, is pregnant or lactating should not use thermogenic supplements unless prescribed by a fully licensed, accredited medical doctor.

Other types of popular Thermogenic Supplements include L-Carnitine and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

L-Carnitine assists in metabolizing fatty acids to provide extra energy. It encourages fat burning during exercise resulting in weight loss. L-Carnitine saves the excess glycogen (created during rigorous exercise) in the liver which in turn increases stamina - which prolongs a bodybuilder's ability to workout.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) stimulates metabolism, reduces cholesterol, increases muscle mass while decreasing body fat and is also an anti-oxidant. Its benefits to the body outside the normal bodybuilding targets are numerous and include reducing cardiovascular disease, fighting off cancer and free radicals. (That's because CLA is an Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acid.) CLA occurs naturally in most foods like beef, mutton, milk and cheese but supplementation becomes necessary as the amounts of naturally obtained CLA through diet are miniscule compared to the quantities necessary to benefit healthy needs and hard workouts. In other words, in order to get enough CLA (to produce desired effects) from one's diet, one would need to eat unreasonable amounts of food in order to reap the benefits.