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Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation

Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation
Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation
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Brand: Muscle Nation
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Destiny Fat Metabolizer by Muscle Nation

A new and comprehensive fat-blasting supplement is now available for pre-order here at Rockhard Supplements. Introducing Destiny from Muscle Nation. It's a new supplement that may help you achieve your weight goals. Destiny is available in a 50-serve/scoop tub and available in a variety of delicious Strawberry Candy, Peach Sunrise, Rainbow Sherbet, and Bubblegum Grape. It's just $79.95 mate, that means each serves will cost you just $1.59! Make sure to pre-order yours now!

Destiny is a 50-scoop thermogenic fat metabolizer supplement with added nootropics. Destiny is made with over 20 ingredients known to have positive effects on weight management, metabolism, energy, and mood. These carefully chosen ingredients are clinically studied and tested and are dosed effectively and efficiently. Destiny has nothing to hide. What you see on the label, is what you'll get with every scoop. For gym training, have 1-2 scoops; Cardio, have 1 scoop; Work/Study, have 1 scoop; and for Pick-me-up time, have 1 scoop. With just

Destiny Fat Metabolizer Key Points:

  • 50 Serves Fat Metabolizer
  • Fat-blasting and Nootropics Synergy of Ingredients
  • Added BioPerine for Absorption
  • Taken TWICE per day
  • Available in Bubblegum Grape, Strawberry Candy, Peach Sunrise, and Rainbow Sherbet. 

Destiny Fat Metabolizer Directions:

DESTINY has been formulated to be taken twice per day:

AM: 1 SCOOP - First thing in the morning on an empty stomach (preferably), or at some point before midday. If you workout in the morning use your AM scoop as your pre-workout.

PM: 1 SCOOP - Second serve pre-workout, or after midday when you prefer. If you trained in the morning, use this second serve after midday where you need a pick-me-up, energy and focus.

We recommend to take this 6 days per week, and take 1 day off to re-set in-case a tolerance to caffeine is built up and adrenal fatigue (not just from taking Destiny, but daily coffee and preworkout consumption).

Use Destiny 6 days on (2 servings per day 1 AM + 1 PM), with 1 day off as a re-set, which will provide a 4 week program (1 month supply - in conjunction with a healthy diet - caloric deficit - and a consistent workout program).

Destiny Fat Metabolizer Nutritional Information:

Muscle Nation Destiny Nutritional Information


Legal TGA & FDA Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


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