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Oxyshred Hardcore 40 Serves by EHPLabs

Oxyshred Hardcore 40 Serves by EHPLabs
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Oxyshred Hardcore 40 Serves by EHPLabs - COMING SOON!

The world’s #1 fat-blasting formula just got HARDCORE! Unleash your dark side and destroy your stubborn fat with the upcoming OXYSHRED HARDCORE! Be the first Aussie to try this awesome Oxyshred! It’s coming soon here at Rockhard Supplements.

Oxyshred Hardcore is your favourite Oxy Shred taken to a whole new level. It’s packed with new ingredients such as Evodiamine which is a fat-blasting supplement from the jungles of China designed to make you sweat and feel energetic. It is also packed with Advantra Z, acts as the Beta 3 agonist to trigger fat metabolizing without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

It comes in Grape Bubblegum. Secure your stocks now or never, because Oxyshred Hardcore is a LIMITED EDITION.

Oxyshred Hardcore Key Points:

  • 40 Serves Fat-blasting Formula
  • 250mg Caffeine
  • Added Evodiamine and Advantra Z

Oxyshred Hardcore Directions:

Mix one scoop of Oxyshred Hardcore with 300mL on your favourite Rockhard Shaker.

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