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Gen-Tec Nutrition Pure Carbs Glycogen Revovery GenTec

Gen-Tec Nutrition Pure Carbs Glycogen Revovery GenTec
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Gen-Tec Nutrition Pure Carbs Glycogen Revovery GenTec.


Insulin spike, Anabolic drive, Glycogen replenishment, Energy, Recovery.

Gen-Tec Nutrition provides a high quality medium chain carbohydrate polymer in Pure Carbs. This simple yet effective product is very versatile with many roles and applications. Pure Carbs will induce an insulin spike. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the human body. The pancreas secretes insulin when blood sugar levels rise. Being anabolic, insulin will drive nutrients from the bloodstream into muscle cells. Using Pure Carbs with Gen-Tec Creatine 320 and L-Glutamine 320 and Macro Whey will dramatically increase uptake of these proteins, and create an anabolic environment to help with muscle growth and recovery.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs can also be mixed with Macro Whey to increase carbohydrate levels for a complete meal replacement. Pure Carbs will replenish glycogen stores more simply and effectively than other carbohydrate  sources. The most rapid rate of glycogen synthesis occurs immediately after exercise. By mixing Pure Carbs in 1 litre of water immediately after training, games and events, recovery time is reduced and energy for your next outing will increase.

High quality carbohydrate sources are too often overlooked by athletes, especially post training, where a high insulin spike is necessary to kick start an anabolic drive. Gen-Tec Pure Carbs provides an easy means of ensuring you maximise your recovery and growth.

Use Gen-Tec Pure Carbs prior to training as an energy source, post training for recovery, or throughout the day to increase daily caloric intake. After a training session, blood sugar levels and insulin are low. Too many individuals consume post-training shakes consisting of protein only. In these conditions the ingested protein will be predominantly directed towards oxidative pathways (restoring blood sugar and energy) not muscle growth. By replenishing glycogen stores and spiking insulin, Pure Carbs not only prevents the protein from being oxidised for energy, but it actually helps direct it towards protein synthesis and muscle repair and  growth!

Also use Pure Carbs in combination with Micronised Creatine Monohydrate to increase insulin levels, which will aid in the transport of creatine to your muscles. Post training recovery shake for maximum recovery and growth.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructose, Glucose, Chromium Picolinate.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Nutrition Information
Servings/Container: 2kg = 50 Serves, 4kg = 100 Serves
Serving Size: 40g (2 scoops)     
      Per 40g Serve     
ENERGY     639kj / 150 Cal     
PROTEIN     0g     
Total     0g     
Total     38g     
Sugars     2.8g     
Sodium     32mg     
Potassium     28mg     
Magnesium     3.6mg     
Calcium     10mg

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