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Future Supplements | Bipeptides | Predigested | Ultra Recovery | Rock Hard Supplements

Future Supplements | Bipeptides | Predigested | Ultra Recovery | Rock Hard Supplements
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Brand: Future Supplements
Product Code: Recov Bi-Peptide Protein Concentrate
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Recov Bipeptides Ultra Recovery 180 Tablets

Introducing the unique Recov Bipeptides come into play, that is a perfect supplement for your next level of training! The best post-workout supplement. Recov Bipeptides is now available on Rock Hard Supplements!

This supplement has a unique combination of all 20 plasma amino acids in a predigested form. Recov Bipetides releases only 1% nitrogen catabolites. Recov is a protein source that is effective, efficient and convenient. Bipeptides is a powerful supplement to promote growth for everyone of all ages. Just a pure as nature intended supplement. This has been used over decades and helps muscle development/mass, and you’ll be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle. 

Recov Bipeptides Key points:

  • Highly convenient option
  • A unique use of serum albumin
  • Provides a combination of all 22 amino acids
  • Helps to strengthen the body and recover
  • Helps muscle development
  • Reduce Pain & Inflammatory
  • Help Muscle Repair

Recov Bipeptides Directions:

Rock Hard Suggest usage for RECOV Bi-Peptide:-
Supplement the first two weeks with 3 tablets twice a day (6 tablets per day total). After two weeks, the dosage may be lowered to 2 tablets twice a day.
Heavy usage and for pro athletes during season:
6 – 20 tablets per day. Dividing the product during the day is recommended. Pre training and post training is advantageous.
In cases of abnormal sweating lower the dosage.

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