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MuscleSport Sliced H20 Revolution 90 Capsules

MuscleSport Sliced H20 Revolution 90 Capsules
Price: $59.95
Brand: MuscleSport
Product Code: Sliced H2O
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Slice H20 Revolution 90 Capsules

Are you holding a that bit of subcutaneous water that you just can’t get rid of? Are you getting ready for a photo shoot? A competition? Or just don’t want to have that bloated look going to the beach or a wedding?

If so, Sliced H2O Revolution™ is right up your alley. Many water reduction pills on the market deplete water from ALL compartments of the body. This means it will come out of your muscle as well as fat and skin subcutaneously.

When this happens the muscles will appear thinner and you won’t look as good even WITHOUT the subcutaneous water. Sliced H2O Revolution™ will assist in pulling out subcutaneous water.

This will allow you to keep your curves and muscular fullness while being able to see it better without the bloat blurring your lines! A look at a few key ingredients in Sliced H2O Revolution™ will show you why.



  • 15 water shedding compounds*
  • Helps remove subcutaneous water between muscles to help you achieve a ripped, dry look*
  • Includes an electrolyte replenishment matrix
  • Helps improve tissue firmness*
  • Good source of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and several minerals

Bar none Sliced H2O Revolution™ is the #1 water depletion tool on the market.

Using a matrix that combines the industries top herbal diuretics, Sliced H2O Revolution™ will help remove subcutaneous water from in between your muscles to help you achieve that ripped, dry, and toned look.

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