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ATP Science Infrared

ATP Science Infrared
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ATP Science Infrared

The Latest version of ATP Science in now instock - InfraRed is used as a stimulant free pre-workout and intra-workout fuel or post-workout reload. ATP Infrared contains high quality synergistic amino acids and electrolytes combined with Schisandra berries in a beetroot extract base. Infrared contains approximately 26g of carbohydrate per serve to fuel activity.

ATP Science Infrared Directions for use:

  • As a pre-workout: One serve in water before training or competing.
  • As an intra-workout: One or more serves diluted in water to be consumed during training or an event.
  • As a post-workout for electrolyte and carb replenishment: Mix one or two serves in water and consume within 20 minutes after training or competing.
  • Post-weigh in for fighters: add one scoop per 2 cups of water and consume.
  • Pre-WOD: One serve added to water and consumed at least ½ hour before WOD.
  • CrossFit events: One serve in water consumed half hour before heat. Use half serve before and after each consecutive heat throughout the day.




InfraRed is a “non stim” pre-workout. It contains quality ingredients in effective concentrations that support genuine cellular energy production that you can feel, without the need for caffeine and stimulants.

Improve power, stamina and endurance 
Delay onset of fatigue and weakness 
Enhance co-ordination, dexterity and focus.
Enhance vasodilation of peripheral vasculature to enhance blood flow to your muscles and brain and maximise oxygen dumping
Enhance intramuscular antioxidants and acidity buffers capable of reducing fatigue and protecting muscle cellular structures.
Ultimate alkalizer

Beta Alanine increases stamina and endurance by buffering acid and waste as it is made. Supplementation increases muscle carnosine better than taking carnosine itself. Muscle carnosine is an intramuscular acidity buffer and antioxidant.

Citrulline malate = More power, for longer with less pain and faster recovery time.
Increases energy production, reduces lactic acid and fatigue
Improves stamina and resilience 

Citrulline and L-aspartate combine to create arginine and subsequent Nitric Oxide in the systemic circulation for maximum vasodilation pump and power. 


Beta vulgaris fuels nitric oxide vasodilation. Improves endurance and reduces O2 cost of exercise and increases time to exhaustion. 

Schisandra chinensis is an adaptogen, helping the body adapt to physical and mental stress. It improves dexterity, focus and co-ordination. Schisandra corrects respiratory acidosis and improves performance. One study on thoroughbreds showed an improvement of 6 lengths in an 800m race. 

Dimethylglycine (DMG) enhances oxygen dumping. 10 days of loading with DMG is equivalent to 3 months training at altitudes for oxygen dumping. 

Quality electrolytes Magnesium L-aspartate, potassium citrate, calcium citrate and sodium phosphate 

Restore and maintain ideal intracellular: extracellular water ratio. 
Maintain nerve and muscle function
Prevent cramping and anxiety
Ultimate alkalizers

Citrates have superior absorption and distribution and  synergistically supply citric acid to fuel the “citric acid cycle” (a.k.a. Krebs cycle), which is the series of chemical reactions that occurs within the cells of our body to generate energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


InfraRED  uses these superior forms of electrolytes with the ideal ratio of complex carbs and simple sugars of 4:1 for rapid gastric emptying without the gut upset associated with other sugar and salt mixes.

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