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International Protein Casein Miceller Casein Slow Release Protein

International Protein Casein Miceller Casein Slow Release Protein
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International Protein Casein Miceller Casein Slow Release Protein.

30g Time Release Protein
• 100% Micellar Casein
• Naturally High in Glutamine
• Gluten Free

Maintain Positive Nitrogen Balance and improve overnight
recovery with the unique combination of naturally occurring
slow-release, muscle sparing amino acids found in M-Casein.
Natural Muscle Protection: High levels of threonine, glutamine and
arginine, the 'glucogenic' amino acids which lend themselves to glucose
production during exercise and may prevent muscle breakdown.
Slowly Digested: Quality micellar (native) casein proteins for sustained and
efficient digestion for up to 7 hours, making it perfect for use before sleep
or between infrequent meals.

Increased Amino Acid Absorption: The slow digestion rate provided by
micellar casein helps improve the absorption rate of casein’s unique amino
acids, including muscle sparing glutamine, threonine and arginine.
Prolonged Positive Nitrogen Balance: Casein’s unique gelling properties
during digestion help slow the release of amino acids prolonging the
body’s state of Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB) for maximal muscle
growth & recovery.

Naturally High in L-Glutamine: 20% of the amino acids in Micellar Casein
are Glutamine to help spare muscle during training.
Naturally High in Calcium & Phosphorus: Two synergistic minerals that are
key to athletic performance.
Calcium: Is essential for efficient muscle contractions.
Phosphorus: Can help decrease lactic acid levels during training. Phosphorus
also produces high energy molecules such as ATP and Creatine Phosphate.
These molecules power muscle contractions during weight training.
No Aspartame: Sweetened with sucralose for a pleasant taste and
no unwanted compounds.

No Fillers or Stabilisers: Just 30g of high quality sustained release protein
in each serve.
No Gluten: No cheap glutamine peptides derived from hydrolysed wheat
or low quality wheat proteins making it suitable for coeliacs and people
with wheat allergies.
Rich Dessert Texture: M-Casein is naturally thicker than WPI and mixes
into a thicker, more dessert-like consistency. It can be used to make
protein ‘pudding’ by adding half the recommended amount of liquid, or
into a full bodied shake by using the recommended amount.

M-CASEIN: Is designed to promote muscle growth and recovery by
keeping the body in a positive nitrogen balance between meals and
especially overnight.

International Protein Casein INGREDIENTS: Micellar Casein (Milk Protein Isolate), Cocoa*, Flavours,
Sweetener (Sucralose), Natural Colour (Curcumin#)
* Rich Chocolate Flavour Only # Banana Flavour Only
Contains Milk ingredients. Manufactured on equipment that also
produces products containing Egg and Soy.

International Protein CaseinDIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 40g (1½ SCOOPS) with 350ml - 400ml of
cold water, low fat milk, full cream milk or soymilk in a shaker or blender.
Take 1-2 times daily when a sustained protein release is required. Best
times for use are before bed or between meals. Not recommended for use immediately after training.

International Protein Casein NUTRITION INFORMATION
• 30g Time Release Protein
• 100% Micellar Casein
• Naturally High in Glutamine
• Gluten Free
1.25kg & 3kg PAILS
Muscle Protection Formula
Servings per Container:
31 (1.25kg) 75 (3kg)
Serving Size: 40g
Qty Per
40g Serve
Qty Per
Energy 604 kJ
144 Cal
1511 kJ
361 Cal
Protein 30.4 g 75.9 g
Fat - Total
- Saturated
0.7 g
0.5 g
1.8 g
1.2 g
Carbohydrates - Total
- Sugars
3.6 g
0.8 g
9.0 g
1.9 g
Sodium 37 mg 92 mg
Calcium 797 mg
(99%RDI) 1992 mg
Phosphorus 515 mg
(51%RDI) 1288 mg


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