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MAX’s Weight Management | T-Dex Ripp'd | Rock Hard Supplements

MAX’s Weight Management | T-Dex Ripp'd | Rock Hard Supplements
Price: $49.95
Brand: Max's LAB Series
Product Code: T-Dex Ripp'd
Availability: Out Of Stock

MAX’s T-Dex Ripp’d 30 Serves + Free Rock Hard Funnel

Max’s released their new lab series product with 20% increase in dosage of fat loss mechanics T-Dex Ripp’d 30 Serves! Available Here now at Rock Hard Supplements.

Max’s Lab Series T-Dex Ripp’d have taken its new fat loss to a new level! It features INFINERGY that helps increase Energy, Focus & Cognition as part of the 20% increase in dosage. Its primary ingredient is the Dicaffeine Malate which is more effective, and it is fast acting for weight lost.

It also helps increase focus, mental clarity and act as a natural diuretic with its new feature COCOTEANOL™. It can be stacked with anything so that you can deliver greater weight management anytime because it is unparalleled, and it is safe including all the Lab Series range.

Max’s T-Dex Ripp’d Key Points:

  • 60 Capsules / 30 Potent Serves
  • Elevate Fat Loss Metabolism
  • Incinerate Stubborn Body Fat
  • Maximise Energy Levels
  • Control Appetite and Cravings
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Enhance Mental Focus

Max’s T-Dex Ripp’d Directions:

1 Serve Per Day

Take 1 serving (2 Capsules) per day with meals to maximise fat burning. Do NOT consume on an empty stomach. Can be taken before 30 - 60 minutes training to maximise fat burning during exercise.

Max’s T-Dex Ripp’d Nutritional Panel:

Max's T-Dex Ripp'd

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