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Platinum Labs AminoGrow IntraWorkout Amino Grow Bcaa

Platinum Labs AminoGrow IntraWorkout Amino Grow Bcaa
Platinum Labs AminoGrow IntraWorkout Amino Grow Bcaa Platinum Labs AminoGrow IntraWorkout Amino Grow Bcaa
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Platinum Labs AminoGrow IntraWorkout Amino Grow Bcaa.

Platinum Labs is proud to announce its third GroundBreaking Product, AminoGrow!
AminoGrow is a groundbreaking intraworkout product that takes the standard BCAA product to the next level, so whats different about it? We have taken the most studied and proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s with a full 7grams of Amino Acids per scoop but that’s just the beginning…

Vitamin infusion
In the middle of training is when your body is most available to nutrient uptake, absorbing whatever is in your blood stream like a sponge to help repair and grow the torn tissue, sure we have packed a heap of Amino Acids in to help with protein synthesis and recovery but why not take the opportunity to introduce a full vitamin spectrum into your body? AminoGrow has a full Cocktail of Vitamins to assist further in recovery, boosting immunity and ensuring we aren’t lacking in the micronutrients that are so often overlooked, including:
•    Vitamin A
•    Vitamin D3
•    Vitamin E
•    Vitamin C
•    Biotin
•    Vitamin B5
•    Vitamin B3
•    Vitamin B6
•    Vitamin B2
•    Vitamin B1
•    Vitamin K1
•    Vitamin B12

We haven’t gotten to the best part yet. Following up this vitamin spectrum is some Tryptophan for further focus, to fuse nicely with your pre workout and Theobromine to aid in further blood flow and nutrient uptake and lastly but most importantly PICAMILON.

PICAMILON is the compound you get by combining GABA and Nicain, in this clever combination it allows the GABA to actually cross the blood/brain barrier in humans (which it cannot do on its own) and when taken in this dosage and during exercise shows an increase in HGH levels by..wait for it.. Up to 500%! This huge boost of HGH during and after training will assist in lean muscle gains, fat loss, better sleep and all the anti ageing benefits of HGH!

To our knowledge no product has ever taken advantage of the unique time frame during exercise like AminoGrow and we know that your customers will love this product and the results they see! AminoGrow will be initially launched in Orange and Watermelon with 2 more flavours to be announced very soon!

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