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Platinum Labs Optiburn AMPED Fat Burner | Weight loss

Platinum Labs Optiburn AMPED Fat Burner | Weight loss
Platinum Labs Optiburn AMPED Fat Burner | Weight loss Platinum Labs Optiburn AMPED Fat Burner | Weight loss
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Brand: Platinum labs
Product Code: Optiburn AMPED
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Optiburn AMPED By Platinum Labs new improved stronger version has just arrived at Rock Hard Supplements ready for dispatch. Opti Burn AMPED now 45 serves with extra stims!! Get it today.

The industries unrivalled fat burning formula OptiBurn just got better in the form of OptiBurn Amped!

    200mg Raspberry Ketones
    2000mg Acetyl L-Carnitine
    250mg Green Tea Extract
    Available in 3 flavours Watermelon, Peach & Lemon Lime

What€™s the difference between OptiBurn & OptiBurn Amped?

OptiBurn Amped has improved their already popular OptiBurn formula with the introduction of OptiBurn Amped. Firstly, we’ve increased the serving size to 45 instead of 30 at no extra cost to the consumer, plus on top of that we’ve increased the amount of Acetyl L-Carnitine from 500mg to 2000mg!

Why the change?

After Methyl PA (a common stimulant used in pre-workout & fat burning supplements) was banned in Australia we decided to make the formula better by replacing Methyl PA with Amperall, which is relatively new to the market and has even drawn comparisons to 1,3-Dim ethy lamy lamine.


Thermogenesis is the process of boosting the body’s MR (Metabolic Rate) and proof that a thermogenic fat burner is working is because you begin to feel warmer than usual as your body literally begins to burns fat! The complete list of thermogenic ingredients in OptiBurn are second to none and you will feel their effects within minutes of taking it.

Appetite Suppressant

What are considered the most dreaded aspect of dieting? Food cravings! OptiBurn Amped has advanced appetite suppressants that control hunger cravings throughout the day, making sure you’re only eating the food you want without craving all the naughty snacks between meals!

Advanced Energy

At Platinum Labs, we know you need to power through your day and also your workout, which is often particularly challenging when dieting. The energy that OptiBurn Amped provides is a strong, sustained energy that will last 6-8 hours without jitters or crash like other stimulant fat burners.

Shed stubborn water

There is nothing worse than water bloating that may come about through diet, stress, medications or the hormonal cycle. OptiBurn contains natural diuretics to emphasise how lean you are without being cheated by the bloat!

Mood Enhancer

OptiBurn is the first ever fat burner to contain Nelumba Nucifera or €œIndian Lotus€ concentrated extract. This herb has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments throughout the East, and brewed in a tea to promote general well-being and euphoria. This is the secret to the unmistakable OptiBurn feel€ that all our customers have been raving about!

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