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Pyretic 120 Caps by Primeval Labs

Pyretic 120 Caps by Primeval Labs
Price: $89.95
Brand: Primeval Labs
Product Code: Pyretic 120 Caps
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Pyretic 120 Caps by Primeval Labs

Losing weight has always been a dilemma for some. Are you one of those who are stuck in cutting down the extra pounds? Rockhard got you. We’re now stocking Primeval Labs Pyretic – a powerful fat loss formula that encourages your body to naturally blast of fat.

Pyretic by Primeval Labs is a 120-capsule stimulant free fat loss formula scientifically formulated using natural ingredients that have shown to torch body fat, ramp up metabolism, suppress your appetite, and enhance mental function. 

Pyretic Key Points:

  • 180 Caps Fat Loss Formula
  • Extreme Non-stimulant
  • No jitters, anxiety, or crash
  • Contains cutting-edge ingredients

Pyretic Directions:
For best results take 2 capsules of Primeval Labs Pyretic in the morning upon rising and another 2 in the evening before going to bed.

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