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Proto Whey BNRG Hydrolyzed Whey Protein WPI

Proto Whey BNRG Hydrolyzed Whey Protein WPI
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Protein is the substance by which muscle is nourished, grown and repaired. It is the composition of amino acids in protein that provide the energy to accomplish all these feats. But not all protein is the same and if you’re into building muscle or training in athletics, you need to know your muscle-building supplements contain not just any protein, but Whey Protein.

The difference between whey and whole proteins is simple. Whey protein is smaller and ready for absorption upon digestion. Whole proteins are larger and need about two additional hours to go through the breakdown process, during which time the body will slough some of those particles off as waste. So whey protein supplements are more economical and ready to work when you are while whole protein supplements need a two hour lead time and a percentage of your carefully planned dosage will never make it into your muscles.

And as if Whey Protein wasn’t already good enough – a process called hydrolysis makes it even better. But it doesn’t stop there... Proto Whey has taken the entire hydrolysis process to a whole new level: High Degree of Hydrolysis (High-DH)


High-DH Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is the latest, most sophisticated, fastest-absorbing whey protein on the market today. It is unique to other forms of protein as it has been enzymatically broken down into smaller and smaller portions – and these smaller proportions translate into faster absorption and less waste – 100% bioavailable – giving you more for active product for your money and a better workout.

Don’t let your supplement dictate when you can or can’t workout. Proto Whey goes to work when you do - all the time –every time.

Rock Hard is pleased to add Proto Whey to its line of bodybuilding discount supplements, giving you yet another option for customizing your training and workouts to suit your lifestyle and personal goals.


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