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Totally Natural ErectoMax

Totally Natural ErectoMax
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Brand: Totally Natural Products
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ErectOmax by Totally Natural Products


Totally Natural Products has carefully formulated an all natural, herbal product called ErectOmax - specifically aimed at heightening your sex drive and improving your sexual performance. Predicated on the clinically trialed Testofen, ErectOmax promises to increase your libido even during those strenuous workouts to build muscle and strength.


Dedication to building healthy, strong muscle can have its drawbacks, decreasing the bodybuilders sexual drive and inhibiting sexual energies, especially during those intense training regimens. Your performance may become weakened while your desires are redirected to muscle gains. Time, exertion and products meant to increase your muscle mass may all play a part in decreasing your libido and performance. ErectOmax is here to help return your sex life to a normal, satisfying part of you and your partner’s lifestyle – even while a regimented amount of time spent at the gym is part of your daily routine.


To quote Totally Natural Products directly, clinical trials using Testofen have proven the following results:


  • Male libido improved in 85.2% of all cases
  • Sexual performance improved in 77.8% of all cases
  • Muscle mass improved in 63.0% of all cases
  • Muscle strength improved in 66.7% of all cases
  • Energy improved in 77.8% of all cases
  • Stamina improved in 51.2% of all cases


Testofen itself is a natural product, based on Fenusides which are packed with testosterone boosters. ErectOmax goes further in adding Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 – all natural remedies which encourage the production of natural, healthy testosterone.


Rock Hard adds this product to its line of dietary, discount bodybuilding supplements in order to help the extreme workout enthusiast balance their libido with their rigorous exercise. If your sex life is lacking while you’re working out – try ErectOmax!

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