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Totally Natural Veins Clear

Totally Natural Veins Clear
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Totally Natural Veins Clear 60 tabs.

Vericose and/or spider veins can happen to anyone, even the most ardent bodybuilder. The condition has nothing to do with how often you exercise. It has everything to do with the strength of the veins and capillaries themselves – not normally an issue addressed by the usual dietary supplements.

Vericose and spider veins are two manifestations of the same problem: Poor circulation of the limbs. The veins in our legs have the added function of not only circulating blood from our torso down to our feet and back again, they do this while fighting gravity. Sometimes, after many years of just being an upright animal, our veins begin to lose the daily battle. Capillaries shut down, veins collapse and we develop the purple-looking streaks in our legs.

There is hope though. Totally Natural Products has developed an herbal formula that specifically strengthens, rejuvenates and fortifies the leg veins and capillaries associated with varicose and spider veins – Clear Veins.

Clear Veins main ingredient is Grape Seed Extract which has been found to inhibit the breakdown of collagen in our blood vessels. Collagen is responsible for the cells elasticity and while we know Vitamin C helps reinforce normal collagen supplies, it’s important to know that this wonder vitamin isn’t not enough to stop the cellular breakdown altogether. Totally Natural Products has teamed the two and added Ruscus to help strengthen capillaries and reduce discomfort and Ascorbic Acid (an antioxidant) to better assist the blood flow in its travel against the tide.

Clear Veins is now on Rock Hard’s list of discount supplements. If you suffer from the effects of poor circulation, try Clear Veins today!

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