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APS White Lightning Extreme

APS White Lightning Extreme
APS White Lightning Extreme APS White Lightning Extreme
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White Lightning Extreme by APS supplements has come back even stronger then the orginal product! White Lightning Extreme now comes in 60 serves with 4 insane flavours, this will be one strong fat burner, it's set to hit our shelves on the 23rd June. Get ready for the the new Number 1 fat burner to smash the competition away... APS White Lightning get it today in store or online at Rock Hard Supplements.

White lightning by APS supplements acts as an ultimate energizer that gives you lean muscle mass. The unique White lightening proprietary blend helps to improve energy levels while you are at work out which consequently improves you’re the length of your work time giving you’re a well worked out body. If you are looking for an explosive workout with high energy levels, leaner muscle mass, and better focus, White lightning by APS supplements is apt for your needs.

Key Points:  

  •     Extreme Energy
  •     Enhanced focus and clarity
  •     Powerful Thermogenic
  •     No Crash formula
  •     4 delicious flavours

White Lightning Extreme Ingredients:-

White Lightning Proprietary Blend

Guarana extract:It is a natural source of caffeine and is a herb from Brazil. The herb is known to promote alertness, and support fat loss. Guarana extract is often used in energy drinks and supplements due to its naturally high caffeine content. It also support endurance and great to be consumed as a pre-workout formula.

Green coffee extract: Green coffee beans are the unroasted beans of the coffee plant. They have hgh antioxidant levels and man studies have shown that they also aid in weight loss. A 2012 study published in the January issue of Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity revealed that the chlorogenic compounds in green coffee induced significant weight loss among overweight subjects.

Theobromoa cocoa extract: The phenolic rich extracts of these compounds help protect heart and liver due to their powerful antioxidant activity. Presence of high levels of theobromine prevents the action of the enzyme that degrades the cAMP activity. CAMP is necessary for fat loss and increase the levels of catecholamines which improves mood levels.

Green tea extract: The main components of green tea extracts are polyphenols, catechins and EGCG that have powerful antioxidant, anti-carcionogenic and powerful fat loss activity. These compounds decrease the activity of the enzyme that inhibits the activity of the catecholamines and aderenaline. Catecholamines and adrenaline both ensure fat loss, longer work out time. The catechins in green tea promote thermogenesis and help in lean muscle mass development.

Citrus Aurantium extract: These extract contain the stimulant chemical synephrine as well as other related stimulants such as octopamine, tyramine, N-methyltyramine, and hordeline. C. aurantium are bitter orange extracts and  exhibit anti-depressant properties.

Citrus Limonium extract: It is the lemon seed extract which has powerful antioxidant activity and fat burning ability. It is also a powerful appetite suppressant, due to these properties it is widely used in many weight loss supplements.

Coleus Forskolii extract: Coleus forskolli belong to the mint family. The compound forskolin is found to promote weight loss by breaking down fats and releasing fatty acid from adipose tissue resulting thermogenesis. When combined with proper exercise it helps to develop lean muscle mass.

Raspberry Ketones: Compounds in raspberry ketones trigger the burning of fat for fuel and decreases the accumulation of fat. The fat loss is primarily triggered by the activity of the adiponectin an enzyme secreted by the cells in fat tissue which is responsible for breakdown of fat cells.

Higenamine: Higenamine, also known as norcoclaurine, is an herbal constituent that acts as a beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist which stimulates fat loss (lipolysis). A recent 2013 study revealed that supplementation with higenamine stimulate lipolysis and increased energy expenditure among healthy individuals.

Black pepper extract: Black pepper contains the compound piperine which fights fat cell accumulation and blocks the formation of new fat cells. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry revealed the mechanism by which piperine promoted weight loss, according to the researchers of this study piperine interferes with the gene expression in the fat cells and decreases the ability to produce or accumulate more fat cells.

A perfect supplement for those seeking explosive energy, long work out hours, lean muscle mass and improved focus during workout. White lightning by APS supplement is your best bet for long work out hours that do not sap your energy levels. The presence of the proprietary blend containing the Acacia Rigidula extract, green coffee extract, green tea extract, guarana extracts, theobromo cocoa extracts and citrus fruit extracts alleviate symptoms of depression, increase mental focus and also promote fat loss. When you combine a high intensity physical activity with a perfect fat loss promoting supplement it allows for longer duration work out. The end result is great lean muscle mass and a fantastic toned body.

APS White Lightning Extreme Directions:- Mix 1 scoop with 940 mils water 30 minutes prior to workout no more than twice daily.
White Lightning: Stay focused –and- Get shredded!



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